Side Effects has led the way in North America designing and supplying the sidecar and trike industry with unique performance products. Extremely successful and the most popular,is the system known as STEERITE. We take your triple trees and reduce the factory trail value to suit your sidecar or trike, it’s available for almost every motorcycle and the steering difference is like night and day —– so enjoyable!!

With over 30 years experience in this industry and vast technical resources we are able to reduce the active trail (caster) for sidecar/trike use resulting in a power steering effect, which eliminates wobbling, the constant pull to one side with sidecars and the heavy steering associated with many trike conversions and all work is done in-house to our fussy high standards. We also index into each individual steering conversion, a small degree of camber to offset the natural camber on most roads, to give you the sure footed confidence and pleasure when operating your converted motorcycle. The degree change will vary from model to model but the ‘constant’ here is a common reduced trail value, resulting in all models ‘feeling’ the same.

Also, let us clarify that our STEERITE conversion is not called a ‘rake kit’ as it is sometimes referred to. A motorcycle with a ‘raked’ (changed angle) front end has been done by cutting the steering head/frame to usually increase the steer tube angle and the amount of trail at the wheel (a decrease in this angle will result in reduction of trail but with undesirable quick steering). That proceedure has nothing to do with the triple trees being modified. The STEERITE conversion increases the angle (sometimes wrongly referred to as ‘rake’) of the forks not the steering head and this results in a hardly noticable appearance change caused by the small difference in angle between the frame steering head (steer tube) and the fork tubes. ‘Raking’ the frame (as is popular with custom V-twin show bikes) will increase trail; ‘raking’ the forks using modified triple trees for sidecar or trike use will decrease the trail, therefore we rake, if you will, the forks, not the front end (the steer tube). Our STEERITE system lets us do a minimum angle change and we don’t need fork spacers because allowing the front end to drop slightly, steepens the steer tube angle at the frame which contributes to trail reduction and keeps the triple tree angle change to a minimum. This should clear the air on terminology.

Frequently asked questions about Honda GL1800 Triple Tree Conversions
All Steerite Triple Tree conversions use the customers existing trees which we modify for 3 wheel performance. You may send your tree/trees to us or purchase a second tree/trees, new or used from your dealer/internet source. Your choice to minimize down time during conversion. Approximate turnaround time this month is 2 1/2 weeks (goal time is always 10 days). The time they spend here varies from month to month entering Fall through Spring as the work load tends to ramp up in the Spring (panic!!). We secretly wish the ramp up time existed in the Fall to eliminate the longer turnaround time in the Spring (wishful thinking).

For the GL1800 that has been sidecarred or triked, we have two options to offer (all other makes & models only have one option):

OPTION A – Steerite ‘TURNPIKE’ modification using upper tree only with 2 1/2 degree change and 30% trail reduction giving excellent city and freeway performance with light precise steering and no wobbles, much improved over stock.

OPTION B – Steerite ‘PARKWAY’ modification using upper and lower trees with 3 3/4 degree change and 57% trail reduction giving superb city, freeway and mountain performance with the above features.

Both options are very easy to tear down and reassemble with no modifications required. The handle bars and the steering lock remain in their original positions for convenience and both options are available as a Deluxe modification which includes highly recommended Progressive Fork Springs and a custom blend fork oil at extra cost.

PRICING – Option A: $422.50 US (Deluxe add $150.00 US)

Option B: $690.00 US (Deluxe add $150.00 US)

Customer MUST contact Side Effects prior to packaging and shipping trees to us as we have special instructions regarding this to ensure safe and prompt delivery in these uncertain times.

Customer MUST also include with the trees, all pinch bolts/nuts and adjuster nuts, etc. that belong on the trees.

Customer MUST NOT include any monies in the triple tree package, contact Side Effects for method of payment.

We lead the world in steering conversions for motorcycles converted to 3 wheels and have done hundreds of triple trees world wide with huge customer satisfaction and a large proportion of our business is still referral which speaks volumes for us.
Thanks for considering the ultimate affordable steering conversion – STEERITE