Buy a Luxury Limousine Like Putin’s

Recently a Russian carmaker has launched a luxurious version of Vladimir Putin’s armored limousine which has been made for the superrich. A high-end presentation at Moscow motor show displayed the two models from the state owned luxurious brands.

This luxurious vehicle owned by the Soviet had been created to bid for luring the super-rich Russian people away from the foreign brands. If you buy a limo from this brand, you will notice that it has uncompromising levels of explosives and ballistic protection. It is going to serve as the new state vehicle of Russia.  The new brand under the Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engine Institute had been developed under the instructions from Putin. He wanted to have presidential vehicles made by Russia.

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Details of the Limousine

If you buy a limo from this brand, you will notice that it has an engine which has been jointly developed by Porsche and NAMI.  Thus, it has a hybrid electrical motor. The seats recline to 45 degrees and have custom downy pillows along with a refrigerator.  Also, the car is provided with crystal vehicles and fold-out leathers with a leather trim.

During the inauguration of the fourth presidential term in the month of May, Putin rode to Kremlin is this luxurious limo with a large front grill.   This has marked the return to Soviet-era practice of the leaders who buy a limo that look ceremonial.

Features of Senate

Only little is known when it comes to features of Senate. It is said that it can be completely submerged in water and yet keep the occupants safe. It runs on tires which has been reinforced to keep the limousine tires from going flat.

It has been launched as a rival to The Beast of the US president. This has night vision cameras, pump actions, tear gas cannons, and also completely sealed main compartment for withstanding a chemical attack.

If you buy a limo that is like Putin’s, it will be bomb proof and also somewhat bigger than the one that is used by the American President.  The new Russian design has been influenced by the cars from the Soviet era which have been produced by the top officials. Kremlin is known to have received a number of vehicles.

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The market design among the Russians showed that there is a large demand for high-end product that is made in the country, especially if people want to buy a limo.  Moreover, the consumers of the car are tired of the same Maybachs, Rolls-Royce, and Mercedes. The car was launched after Kalashinkov shocked the industry offering a new electric car having a retro powder blue design.

The carmakers have added that it is more the era which has inspired the design of the car. This is an era of great achievement.  The car had been developed by NAMI that owns the controlling stake in Aurus brand along with the Russian automotive group Soller.  The brand hopes to attract wealthy Russian along with the international customers. For more info on transportation service, read here!

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