Enjoy the 5 Amazing Attractions on Your Niagara Falls Tour

Niagara is one of the wondrous beauties of nature, and if you love nature and its miracles, then once in your life you must take the beautiful Toronto to Niagara Falls bus.

niagara falls bus tour

As you know the falls is the most beautiful one on earth, and so many people every year come to visit the place. So while you are taking the tour of the entire place surrounding the Niagara Falls, you have to make sure that you visit all the places when you take the Toronto to Niagara Falls bus. Here is the list of places you should check out.

  1. Enjoy the Winter Marketplace

You must love marketing so you will love the beautiful winter marketplace. This place is filled with handcrafts shop, food trucks, workshops, and even game parlors! So if you are all willing to check out a small but pretty marketplace this is the exact destination you were looking for when you come in Toronto to Niagara falls bus. You can just park your car there for $5 only, and roam around inside the winter marketplace. You can satiate your hunger by buying the delicious local food from the food trucks, and enjoy the best experience.

  1. Visit the 10 Venues on the Halls

This is the tour you can have on your feet. Visit the amazing 10 venues on the halls, especially decked for the visitors. If you feel tired by walking you can always take the WEGO bus to visit each of the venues. You will get specialty drinks to sip on while you are visiting the places, it will certainly keep you warm. You just have to ensure that you start the visiting from the Skylon tower to get the best view from the up. It’s the best view of the festivity, so you must have that.

toronto to niagara falls bus tour

  1. Floral Showhouse Display

This is made for the holiday seasons. You can see the floral showhouse is illuminated with the beauty of flowers like cyclamen, poinsettias, and azaleas and so on. You can listen to the chirping of the tropical birds and their life on the display. If you have limited time in the Toronto to Niagara Falls bus tour, and you are unable to visit the place, you can always drive by the place to enjoy the amazing glimpse of the floral showhouse.

  1. Toronto Power Building Light And Sound Show

You have to tune your car radio or your mobile radio to 100.5FM to listen and watch Toronto power building show, as soon as you approach near to the place. The radio station plays the holiday ballads by the trans-Siberian orchestra. The show duration is from 5 to 11 PM.

toronto to niagara falls bus

  1. Check out the Dufferin islands

You must avoid missing this place. The Dufferin islands are filled with Canadian wildlife and a light display of a giant Moose. You will get to see a 10 feet tall mammoth that is made of wool, and a soon. You can park in this place and experience the place by walking, and you will certainly feel the energy seeing the animal figurines.

Check out these amazing 5 places while you are on tour for Niagara falls, and these places will give you the best memories to share with your friends and family.