Reasons to Use Luxury Armored Vehicles for sale

The celebrities use luxury armored vehicles because of the added security which can be obtained from these vehicles. At present, almost all high-profile individuals are extremely worried about their security and hence they are opting for the armored cars for sale. There are various cars which serve as the ideal armored vehicles because of the customizations which can be made.

The famous personalities need to use armored vehicles because taking extra precautions will never be superfluous. The individuals using armored vehicles like to keep the protection a secret. Read more to come across the reasons why people armor their vehicles.

armored vehicle for sale

Who Uses Armored Vehicles?

The use of armored vehicles is common among top level executives, celebrities, politicians, influential people and the people who lead their lives in unsafe countries or cities. The bulletproof vehicles offer a lot of safety and security to the individuals who are using it in comparison to their counterparts. The high-profile individuals often look for armored cars for sale.


The armored cars for sale are discreet and they look similar to their counterparts. The armored vehicles have enhanced features like enhanced suspension, bulletproof glass, and armored plates for providing security. The armored vehicles can provide protection to the drivers and passengers when attacked.

Escort in Safety

Armored vehicles come handy while escorting high profile guests like celebrities, military officials, or executives. The use of armored vehicles to transport your guests portray that you are concerned about the safety and security of your guest.

Coexistence of Comfort and Beauty

The luxury armored cars for sale are a unique blend of comfort and beauty. These cars offer unique designs and comfort. These cars are also equipped with the latest technologies and safety features. The luxury cars possess everything from remote starters, ran-sensing windshield, electronic parking and iPod music interface.

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Ways to Armor Your Vehicle

It is very important to find the suitable vehicle which can be armored. The armored cars are built as per the specifications of the customer. Most cars are armored by using hardness ballistic steel. At first all the components of the car’s body are removed. The cavities and the doors are cut open so that different materials can be stuffed in to the voids.

Based on the level of protection which is desired, the doors, windows are plated with steel plates. In case the doors become too heavy, a third hinge is added. The ceiling and the floor contain ballistic fabrics. The shock bumpers are designed in such a manner that they absorb energy during serious impacts. The primary aim of armoring the vehicle is to make it appear unmodified from the inside as well as the outside.

The bulletproof glass is known as transparent armory and the glass is available in a variety of thickness. The usual tires would not be able to take in the gun fire and hence special flat run tires are used in the luxury armored vehicles. The engines are also designed in such a manner that they are able to carry a lot of weight. In a large sedan, the lightest Armoring adds around 500 pounds and the heaviest armoring adds around 1400 pounds. You can opt for armored cars for sale as per your requirements.